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Jaw Filler

The use of dermal fillers can define and sculpt the jaw, giving a more chiselled jawline. This results in the creation of a sharper and more balanced profile.

Jaw Filler

The overall appearance of the jawline and the surrounding area can be significantly enhanced without the need for invasive surgery, due to the latest innovations in non-surgical treatments and interventions. The potential of facial rejuvenation surgery is not always a necessary pathway for many of us and has many implications in terms of cost, risk and recovery. Dermal fillers now offer a fast and effective solution for a jawline that requires sculpting and defining. 
At Rebelle, we first pay close attention to your needs and expectations before creating a bespoke treatment plan that will define and contour your jawline for a more attractive shape and profile.

Jawline fillers are injections of hyaluronic acid (HA) placed at the angle of the jaw and along the jawbone. The injections of filler are strategically placed to define and sculpt the jaw.

Results can last up to 6-9 months after treatment.
As with all dermal filler treatments, filler lasts longer when built up gradually over time with repeated treatments. It is important to note that each client is different and lifestyle factors can play a role in how the filler is metabolised between different individuals.

Note: hot climates, sunbeds, smoking and fast metabolism speed up the breakdown of filler.

We use prescription-strength numbing cream during the procedure to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. There is also a numbing agent in the fillers that we use which helps with any discomfort you may feel.

We only use hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers. They are non-permanent and completely reversible if needed. We stock a wide range of dermal filler brands. Get in touch if there’s a particular brand you prefer.
We believe over 90% of the cosmetic result depends on the skill and artistic flare of the medical practitioner holding the filler in their hand rather than the brand of filler being used.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time: 20-30 minutes.

Back to Work: Straight away.

Pain: None to mild.

Anaesthetic: Numbing cream.

Side Effects: Slight swelling and bruising.

Recovery Time: 1-3 days.

Results: Immediate.

Duration of Results: 6-9 months.

Cost: From £220

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